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LINK Boston man arrested for trying to burn down The Satanic Temple headquarters

On Friday, a man wearing a “GOD” shirt tried to burn down The Satanic Temple’s headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. And there are pictures.

A story told in pictures.
We will fix it. We will clean it up, air out the smoke, and we will reopen.
We are extremely grateful to be in Salem, and a part of the Salem community, which has been nothing but helpful and supportive.
— Lucien Greaves (@LucienGreaves) June 11, 2022

Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves said they’re figuring out how much damage occurred outside the house, but thankfully, the fire didn’t get inside. There were people inside the building when the arson occurred.

The suspect has already been apprehended in large part because 1) he was caught on camera and 2) he was still there when police arrived on the scene.

snytiger6 9 June 14

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