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The "Gun Deal" that's as worthless as the people that came up with it..


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his support Tuesday for his chamber's emerging bipartisan gun agreement, boosting momentum for modest but nota...

Charlene 9 June 14

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I have said this for decades: there are a Ton of gun laws in place, have been for decades. What Congress does is pass them but FAIL to fund them! Then they can say they voted for whatever their audience is demanding. Do you think <10 Federal gun shop records inspectors for the entire Northeast can get the job done? And that's how the NRA rises !

I think we need the ban on military-grade weapons and magazines. If I were Principal of a school the budget would now include weapons for each classroom and a request for poisonous gas release and gas masks at each desk. That should cause a stir.

@rainmanjr I hope to the none existent gawd above that the above is satire

One does not actually have to do anything so long as you can appear to be doing something, We British built an empire on that principle and then lost it again when the rest of the world twigged on to the trick.

@LenHazell53 It's not. Govt won't save the kids (I don't have any so don't really care what parents do) so tea must be thrown into the harbor.

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