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ABC News
Bigot, sorry Bishop Robert Joseph McManus Bishop of the Diocese of Worcester in Massachusetts says the Nativity School, is no longer Catholic after flying Black Lives Matter and Pride flags.

McManus wrote that "the 'Gay Pride' flag represents support of gay marriage and actively living a LGBTQ+ lifestyle." which is "inconsistent with Catholic teaching." and that " the BLM movement ... promotes a platform that directly contradicts Catholic social teaching

If this man was not a Bishop he would be breaking the law and inciting hatred, but as in so many other things "the Church" is excempt from many national and international laws on the grounds of freedom of religion.
Being a BIGOT is not a religious freedom.



LenHazell53 9 June 18

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He is an intolerant racist. He would bring hellfire and brimstone down on all the people that terrify him. He is also a pathetic excuse for what it is to be a human being. His mother should have swallowed.


Another Catlic he's a pedoapologist as well..


How many children has he molested?


Shame on him!

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