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Along the top navbar of this site is a "Home" link that sometimes reads "" while other times it's just an "A." It's changed from one to the other on a number of occasions and did so again just recently.

Who keeps making this meaningless change and why? It's like as if I had a trailer hitch on my car and I keep taking it off and putting it on randomly even though I never tow anything with it. It's just a Home link, put a little house icon there and let it go at that.

Pick one or the other and be done with it!

I'm in a pissy mood.

Sgt_Spanky 8 June 18

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I've never noticed it being anything other than an "A" on my screen.


Aaaannnddd, this matters one jot or tittle becuz....!!????


Design your own site, quibbler, and “put a little house icon there….”

In short, piss somewhere else.

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