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Pride and Terrorism

HankHunter13 7 June 18

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1 guns and dinosaurs are in the Babble???!!!!


Here is a link reporting about that vile dangerous fuckwit: []


Dillon Awes is giving expression to the values of his imaginary god, that of being a genocidal maniac. If he committed such acts in real life he would himself be executed.


Is the American spelling different to ours in the UK, should not "stedfast" have an 'a' in it ?

Merriam-Webster has it as an archaic spelling of steadfast.


I'm all for freedom of speech but basically encouraging the murder of other people is absolutely wrong. Dillon Awes is an evil, sick piece of human garbage. And I feel bad comparing him to garbage because at least garbage can put to good use.


Psychos. Sucks to be them.

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