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LINK New IFB church member arrested for threatening to kill LGBTQ people

On Friday, 27-year-old Tyler Dinsmoor was arrested by the Oak Harbor Police Department in Washington after threatening to kill LGBTQ people at the Anacortes Pride Parade the following day.

According to court documents, Dinsmoor posted on social media that he “might not make it through this f** month,” and he “was 9mm away from fedposting two f****** at home depot yesterday.”

‘Fedposting’ is Internet slang for anything posted online that shows a premeditated planning of criminal activity.

According to the warrant issued in the case, Dinsmoor started focusing on the Anacortes Pride Parade that is scheduled to be held on June 18 and was asking people to “talk me out of it.”

These weren’t isolated incidents either. A woman renting a property near Dinsmoor heard him openly express his desire to murder gay people. She noticed the words “Bible Bigot” painted on his truck and heard him shout, “It used to be legal to kill gay people!” Regardless of context, the woman (who’s lesbian) told her kids not to go outside. She later saw Dinsmoor with a weapon. She also found out from another neighbor that Dinsmoore had pointed a gun at a Black man who was trying to return a fishing pole.

But none of that was quite as pointed as his postings on the right-wing Twitter clone Gab, where he repeatedly talked about the violence he so desperately wanted to commit:

snytiger6 9 June 20

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I don't if he should be put in a mental facility or put in front of an firing quad for execution.


Lock Him Up!

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