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Five of our Supreme Court justices – Barrett, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and Cavanaugh -- have become a clear and present danger to both our legal system and too our democracy. They are frauds, demagogues, people who have turned their backs on justice and real jurisprudence. All of them said that they will uphold settled law, and none have done so with any consistency.

Instead, they have used the bogus smoke screen of: “originalist” judicial “theory” and other forms of twisted reasoning to hide the fact that they are all imposing their own personal political, social, and religious ideologies on us all. As justices, they are the last word on any legal matter in this country. And we have no say on the final decision on any issue brought before the Supreme Court. They are on the verge of acting as tyrants, imposing their will and their ideologies on us as the final and irrevocable word. All five should hang their heads in shame for their treachery and duplicity.

In acting as they have done, they are undermining our belief in our democracy, our government institutions, and justice under the law. We must make it more than abundantly clear that we will not tolerate continuation of such behavior. And, we must seriously consider changes in the Court itself, such as limiting terms of justices, and even election of judges after a minimal first term as a nominee. This cannot continue if we are to continue as a constitutional representative democracy.

wordywalt 9 June 27

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Those who testified that Roe v Wade was “settled law” during their confirmation hearings certainly are liars of the highest order…

And there appears to be no way of removing those liars.

@anglophone Maybe not...but, with enough Democrats in Congress....we can expand that court!

@LucyLoohoo Would that be a wise move?

@anglophone yes! []

@MsKathleen Thanks for the link. /@LucyLoohoo


So much for the right's disdain for judicial activism.


SCOTUS is already acting as tyrants. It is hell bent on imposing a Christian theocracy on the whole of the USA, aided and abetted by such dangerous mental defectives as Mike Pence.


But...but...but....they have GAWD on their side!

My laughing at your comment is the laughter of cynicism.

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