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This one is absolutely astonishing about all the anti-abortion women who get abortions!

Redheadedgammy 9 June 28

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Welcome to the world of the female bigot.

I have known many women bigots throughout my life. Some were worse than most men I’ve known. 😕


They aren’t pro-life. They’re “holier than thou”. In my opinion, any of them got knocked-up by a person of an inferior race or heathen religion they would find justification in their simple little minds to get an abortion.

Garban Level 8 June 28, 2022

That's right! And the existence of religion only gives them the opportunity to be superior to other people.


Not surprising to fact, reminds me of something...oh, yeah, the foaming at the mouth rabid anti-gays who get outed.......


Seems like abortion clinics should videotape the people picketing and lease their vestibule to a security company that video tapes their front door. Then "the security company" can make posters of the same women protesting and walking into the clinic for others to carry outside the clinic to expose those hypocritical assholes.

That is a fabulous idea! Put these hypocritical assholes faces not only on posters to be carried into the crowd but all over the outside walls of the clinic’s, and let’s see how they like the truth about themselves being revealed!

@Redheadedgammy Yup. Fuck them all. They have no problem ruining other people's lives, let's see how they like it. Too bad that's going to be a plan we can't enact in most areas of the country now that abortion is going to be illegal all over the place.

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