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LINK Proposal Renames Slavery As 'Involuntary Relocation' In Texas Public Schools - YouTube

They just don't want to use the word "slavery". Makes American look bad regardless of the reality.

redbai 8 July 1

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They are trying to rewrite history. If this becomes widespread it is going to become a big problem in future generations with each side claiming to hold the truth. This will generate conflict, hate, and probable violence.

Politicians are creating a new division. We all know what happens when rulers "Divide and Conquer". They profit and the citizens suffer.

Betty Level 8 July 2, 2022

You are the offspring of slave owners. Fucking own it, you white lily livered scum!

Redbai isn't.
And so are you. Your ancestors are likely to have sent Irish slaves to the Americas.


Bloody ridiculous.


White fragility is such a sad pathetic thing. An example of "say you're a giant snowflake without actually saying it." Blacks are afraid of being killed for their skin color, bigots are afraid of feeling uncomfortable.

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