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So being an atheist, one of the most significant things that I struggling with is that since I also have a strong love for learning about different cultures, people, and countries, and I do not believe in any religous/spiritual/supernatural things without evidence, how do I reconcile these two concepts. Since religion makes up a significant part of pretty much every culture and country around the world, I feel that this has affected my deep interest in learning about other cultures and has almost taken away some of my interest in culture and histories. Does anyone feel the same way? I don't know how else to atriculate this struggle. Feedback would be much appreciated.

isaiahfzell1990 4 July 2

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As an atheist I do not struggle with things so much at all. My biggest struggle is to keep aware of how things are constantly changing on social media. Rather than take it too seriously I simply remain aware. Do not take awareness too far because if you do it becomes paranoia.


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One can appreciate the beauty and understand the intricacies of a dance without participating. Understanding different cultures and their histories (the benefits and detriments) can give a person a lot of insight without compromising their own integrity and commitments.

Betty Level 8 July 2, 2022

I love the way you put it.

@anglophone Thank you, kind sir. 🙂


I agree with @Jolanta. Being curious about religion is a condition I suffer also. My curiosity stems from my respect for history although. Indulge in curiosity and feel no guilt! Drive on young padawa. 😉


Some people have a need to believe in one or more gods, while other people do not have that need to believe. It really is that simple.


I don't know why this should be a problem. After all you just need to read and learn, you do not have to take it on board. You can learn about religions and not take that on board so why not the other?

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