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Immigrants will make SS more solvent!

The United States needs immigrants to shore up Social Security!

Immigration and Social Security

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Lorajay 9 July 7

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Hmmm, the USA is made by immigrants! isn't it?

Diaco Level 7 July 7, 2022

Most likely, government budgets have lots of smoke and mirrors. They would be a boom to the economy, we have a shortage of entry level youngsters who want to work hard. Like immigrants always, they'll be eager to provide a better life for their kids. The "border crisis" is manufactured to give the bigots someone to blame and scare.


True. They will pay into SS with fake ID's and never be able to claim benefits.

Leetx Level 7 July 7, 2022

That is true under the current system but we still need more people paying in.


We need immediate help just filling open positions.

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