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You can't make stuff like this up. The irony is split thick there... capitalism bad! Except when making a political statement that is. Apparently, there are far more suckers out there than I initially thought (hate to poke fun at people, but truth is the truth regardless), as the ice cream truck in NY reportedly sold out of the frozen treats that cost $10 a pop. Kind of reminds me of the time Ocasio-Cortez was shilling "Tax The Rich" sweatshirts for $58 per shirt. "Champagne socialist" is my new favorite phrase now, quite a fitting expression given such a scenario as that...

"Eat the Rich" ice cream truck sells $10 popsicles shaped like Bezos, Musk, others-

SpikeTalon 9 July 14

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CHAMPAGNE Socialist .excellent phrase


Iā€™d figured that Donald Trump had found all the suckers. Guess not.

I reckon not.

I figured an Annoying TDS afflicted sucker would come up with something like this .

@richiegtt same here

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