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LINK Dr. Oz Can't Stop Being Humiliated By John Fetterman's Memes - YouTube

Now if they just all show up to vote! I really haven’t seen a Dr. Oz commercial on TV, but plenty from Fetterman. Maybe Oz only ads on Fox stations? Or is he so sure the Republican majority state legislators will override any election results and hand him the office? Or that the Republican takeover of vote counting in districts guarantees him a win? Something fishy is going on. His ads were on every commercial break during the primaries.

Barnie2years 8 July 21

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Ran out of money?

I know his fund raising is way behind Fetterman’s. But I doubt it’s that. Like I said, something seems fishy. Republicans sure don’t want to lose Toomey’s seat.


I think Republican primary voters ignored his dual citizenship and religion because he is pretty and famous.

Unfortunately I think those things will also be ignored in the general. I really hope Fettermen can bring out the populist vote in both parties.


I wish I could vote for Fetterman.


Oz is and always has been a medical shister. Now, he is adding politics to his resume. He should move back to Turkey where he holds dual citizenship and is good friends with Erdogan.
There are people in Pennsylvania who will never vote Democrat; one just had to get them to not vote Oz - remind those xtion nuts that he's a Muslim and vegetarian, that should do it.

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