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POLL If they are out there, they probably already found us - Nevada Current

Atmospheric tags for life invalidates Dr Sagan’s objection to visitation. An advanced species would have known we’re here long ago and could have sent exploratory probes. Those would have justified ships🚢 probably robotically staffed.

Aliens are watching us 👽

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rainmanjr 8 July 21

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I would like to think that there are aliens out there watching us, but that would be very arrogant of me. I do not think we are smart enough to be of interest, the planet though that is a different thing. If they wanted the planet we would all be dead, since we are not they are not out there wanting our planet.

It would make sense that an advanced civilization would have gotten beyond war. If so then it is perfectly logical that they would study us from as much distance as possible (just for the sake of science if not safety). I also tend to think the craft would be a robot, or have a robotic crew, because of the distance involved. In my book, It's A Mistake, I use a technique called "folding space" as a way to make those distances less lengthy. Maybe they read my book?


Maybe, maybe not. No solid evidence as of yet. It's a vast universe & even just our galaxy is huge...

But the capability for atmospheric tags makes it more of a possibility (for them to have seen us) than it was during Carl Sagan's time. He thought it wasn't likely because our radio waves would not have yet reached them so they'd have no reason to look this way. This idea would give them that reason.


If life like ours is common and interstellar travel is practical, yes, they've been watching us all along. Alas SETI keeps coming up with nada, and some very promising avenues have been explored. At this point the rare Earth hypothesis is looking better all the time.


aliens are bacteria


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