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Any update on when activation emails will back online?

Still down, checked just now

godfree2 6 July 25

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Never gonna happen, unless the admin. comes back into being much more involved...


I don’t have “inside information” but I have been here since near the beginning, and it appears to me that this site has been, for most practical purposes, abandoned by its originator to run mostly on automatic. I don’t expect to see activation emails return. And I don’t know that they are necessary.

skado Level 9 July 25, 2022

True. I just come back, log onto the site and see what alerts are waiting for me.


Check your junk mail or spam folder.


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EMail activation is primarily used to ensure that you're signing up with a "real" email address, and also one that you have access to (and therefore, presumably, are the legitimate "owner" of the email address).Jul 13, 2010


What is an "activation email"?

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