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Any place online if this place goes down?

Mastodon instance?

godfree2 6 July 27

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@godfree2, For a directory of atheist websites, try []

Spelled out, colon slash slash atheist sites dot net

also another current list


Not found one no.

(grin) For a few more than the one not found, see the above.

@yvilletom Thanks will look at those, though are they just web sites or social media like this one?

@yvilletom Have you got a personal recommendation ? I tried a couple that looked promissing, the Redit Atheist Forum, and the Atheist Zone, but they both seemed to have little but the equivalent of the boring single issue posts that you sometimes get on here, and a lot of the activety was months old.


There are some FB atheist pages but it is mostly just bickering and a shit ton of talk about god. Better than nothing I suppose.

FB is a hole, I've been banned from there long ago

@godfree2 Banned permanently?

@LovinLarge yes in 2008 after I reported hate & harassment groups

@godfree2 I never heard of a permanent FB ban before except Trump perhaps, seems awfully extreme. I got a 30 day ban once for saying that Trumpers were the dumbest motherfuckers that I'd ever encountered. I quit using FB Marketplace over that.

I was going to start my own atheist website until I couldn't find an atheist web designer and also realized that there are an awful lot of atheists on this website that I really don't like. Too busy now, anyway.

Sorry about your FB experience. If I hear of a decent nonreligious website, I will be sure to let you know.

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