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The Webb telescope vs. young Earth creationism


xenoview 8 July 30

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Selective memory is a condition common in religious and political institutions.

Garban Level 8 July 30, 2022

Given that the distance from us to Sagittarius A(asterisk) is greater 6,000 light years ...

I had a young-Earther explain our ability to see light from sources greater than 6,000 light years away from us as resulting from it passing through wormholes.

Had another young-Earther explain away carbon dating as a result of "Noah's flood rearranging the strata of the Earth's crust."


Great article. 40% is a lot of people. My thinking is that nobody exists, in reality, so evolution or creationism didn't happen. We just kind of appear within vibrational data when our eyes open. When our eyes close it's lights out for the whole thing.

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