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Sure, he says it now. To save his own ass..

Alex Jones concedes that Sandy Hook attack was 100% real.


Dyl1983 8 Aug 3

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He made his living by hiding behind "freedom of speech". He got away with his lies to gain followers but when hit in his "pocket book" he soon changed his tune.

I hope this case will make a change in how they present their "conspiracies" or more "pocket books" are likely to be targeted.

Betty Level 8 Aug 6, 2022

There should be no limits to the damages he's forced to pay. Just forfeit ALL of his assets and give the proceeds to the families of the victims of Sandy Hook, or to a cause of their choice! He's the lowest form of scum on the planet.


His ass needs to be kicked down every flight of stairs in the Empire State building, and what remains of his putrid body needs to be swept up and put into the nearest trash can.

How I wish you were the judge in this case. Heads would roll. 😉


Just admitting the truth is an escape from the hurt and pain he caused?

He is only admitting the truth because he is being sued. He is still trying to justify his so called "right" to what he calls his opinion.

I hope he gets shut down and becomes a laughing stock in the community he created.

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