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China's going crazy and claiming Taiwan is THEIR territory. BULLSHIT!!! It belongs to America!!!

See what I'm trying to do?

Dyl1983 8 Aug 5

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It goes back to the days of Chinese People's War 1949. Chiang Kai-Shek was China's dictator who exiled to Island of Formosa and called it China. For 30 years United States wouldn't recognize "Red China" and recognized Taiwan as China. Real cold war bullshit. That's why China is scratchy about Taiwan.


It's so bizarre to live in a superpower whose foreign policy is almost entirely driven by domestic politics. It's not going to end well.

Nancy Pelosi did do this for political reasons. She doesn't represent the president or the state department. She's the House speaker. That's how it works here. China knows that. They are posturing. It will blow over. If you think this will start a war, you are incorrect. Not even a proxy war, like in Ukraine. China is a way more powerful country than Russia. The US won't play hardball with them.. Nancy thinks this will help make Democrats look tough for the midterm elections she wants to remain speaker, it may work. Biden hasn't said shit and he won't.

Yes, familiar with "let's infantalize China" and pretend what they think doesn't matter cause we're America and can do what we want.

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