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I found this story to be interesting because when it was first reported the article said a black man was seen driving in the area. A black man in this area of Nebraska is extremely rare. Sounded really fishy to me. Certainly was as it was a neighbor that did it. Blame the black man, typical midwestern NE small town mentality.


FvckY0u 7 Aug 5

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Oh my goodness, I lived just 15 miles from Laurel!! I worked with the president of the Laurel school board. Laurel is smmaaaaalll. I believe less than 200 residents, very rural, mostly white, religious, conservative. It does sound suspicious and a little too convenient. It is a racist part of America, and I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

Yep, my Dad is from Page. Nearby O'Neil.


It's been demonstrated that the majority of MAGATs have not travelled more than 50 miles from their home town. Yes, that makes a big impact on one's point of view.

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