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For months now, my wife and I have been besieged by calls from people saying that they are interested in buying our home property. Many of these calls are from greedy real estate speculators who are trying to buy homes and turn them into rental properties, hen raise rental prices. This is at the same time that rental prices in the Tampa area have gone up over 40.0 percent with a single year, making housing for many genuinely unaffordable.

It is bad enough that simple greed is disrupting neighborhoods and making people homeless. But there may be more behind this. More than a few of these calls are obviously coming from sources outside of the USA. Could this be a deliberate attempt to disrupt the social fabric in our country and to create social disorder, funded by foreign states such as Russia and China? That possibility should be investigated.

wordywalt 9 Aug 5

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I think it is just investors aggressively trying to get property. Whether they are local or international, does not matter. What is problematic is that ordinary Americans are losing opportunities of home ownership to the cash buyers.


I cannot answer your question, but I CAN say that the Chinese have been buying houses in southern California for more than a decade.


Corporations should be banned from owning single dwelling, residential housing (apartments OK).
If Russia and China are buying up, which I doubt, do you see the irony how they are winning at capitalism?

puff Level 7 Aug 6, 2022

I get the same in SE PA, via text and snail mail. They target seniors in a hot real estate market. I'm not sure where all of them come from, but some are local realtors.


It is undoubtedly a group of about 6 scammers who will swindle you (and other seniors, their targets) out of your home, flim-flam a bank or 2, or 3, and run.

No need to drag foreign intrigue into what is a common scenario.

Just plain old American greed. Nothing new here.

It is not just scammers. It is known to be groups of wealthy investors seeking to buy property, turn the homes into rentals, and jack up rents as a way of making undue profits. Also, more than a few of these calls are originating from outside the YSA.

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