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LINK Colorado man told Spanish speakers they 'don't belong here' — then doused them with gas and tried setting them on fire: police - Raw Story - Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism

(The treaty the ended the Mexican American War, which made Colorado a part of the U.S., had a clause in it that said the territory ceded by Mexico could not be made an English only territory.)

Police in Aurora, Colorado are seeking a man whom they suspect accosted Spanish-speaking residents at a local gas station -- and then tried to set them on fire.

Fox 13 News reports that the suspect, who has yet to be identified but whose image has been captured on security camera footage, allegedly confronted two customers at the gas station who were speaking Spanish and told them that they "don't belong here."

Police then say that the man sprayed the customers with gasoline and then looked for a match or lighter in his car that he could use to set them on fire. ...

(I'd be willing to be he turns out to be a Trump supporter.)

snytiger6 9 Aug 6

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That Man from Colorado does not belong in any civilised society. Banish him to any drug cartel south of the border.


That is truly sad. I thought we were making progress since 45 is out of office.

Removing the Chief Idiot from the White House does not unfortunately remove the over-riding fear that drives such emotional defectives.

@anglophone Yeah, Trump stirred up a lot of fear and racial hate. It will probably take a decade or more for us to recover.

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