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Atheist/ Secular Church

Does anyone belong to or have attended an Atheist or Secular Church? I have read a couple of articles in the last few years on them popping up here and there, but have never been close enough to one to have the opportunity to attend.

JustinPalmer 5 Apr 27

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So I think you are thinking along the lines of a Unitarian Universalism service. I have been toying around with going to one where I live. The thing I like about there services are it is more about community then the actual service.


I think part of the problem is that calling it "church" is such a huge turn-off. There are a number of Meetups here in Florida (Freethought, Atheist) that have regular events with speakers and potluck, and lots of volunteer opportunities as well. One of my favorites (although I can never attend due to work) is that once a month the Freethought community contributes a secular invocation at city hall meetings! How cool is that!


Definition of Church:

noun: church; plural noun: churches

  1. a building used for public Christian worship.
    "the church was largely rebuilt at the end of the 15th century"
    synonyms: house of God, the Lord's house, house of prayer; kirk
    "a village church"
    a particular Christian organization with its own clergy, buildings, and distinctive doctrines.
    noun: Church
    "the Church of England"
    synonyms: denomination, sect, creed; faith
    "the Methodist Church"
    the hierarchy of clergy within a particular Christian Church.
    noun: the Church"

For the life of me I cannot understand how the words 'atheist' 'secular' and 'church' can be used in the same phrase.

We both posted at the same time - it's the word "church" that I can't fathom!!

Guess I figured they chose the word "church" in an ironic sense.


Are you kidding? What are the best things about being an atheist is not having to get up early on Sunday morning! I so love my sleep. LOL

Cheri Level 5 Apr 28, 2018

I want to. I’m very much in favor of having a similar community based gathering situation as I’ve seen and experienced the many advantages it can confer. Something more than a meetup, but less than, I don’t know, a cult... Looking to see if there might be something like that near to me. What do you think of the idea @JustinPalmer?



I went to an atheist meeting once. It almost felt like a church service. Next week, on a Sunday, they were meeting for a picnic. I like to be around fellow non-believers, but not like that.

We have pub crawls! 😉


No. I would never attend one. Totally against my religion.




I've wanted to attend this church for a hile.[]


I don't attend a church, but every Sun I get together for brunch with a group of Freethinkers on my area and we talk religion politics, etc

Once a month we also do something we call "Recovering from Religion" where we treat it almost like a church but with discussion of our various pasts and our current stances


Actually, the Satanist church is pretty much that. They're atheist, and use the system to that end... They don't actually worship Satan. It seems like a big, inside joke, really.

There are different sects. You must be talking about The Satanic Temple.

@dare2dream yes, correction: you're right


I attended a Unitarian Universalist congregation as an atheist for about a year and a half. They have no creed and are seekers of the truth. They are atheists, deists and god believers. As time went on, I realized they were not a good fit for me and I started going to Humanist meetings and Atheist meetings in my area.

Another group is Sunday Assembly also for non-believers.


Nah. I'm not interested in any organized religious (or non) institution.


Nah. I'm not interested in any organized religious (or non) institution.


They're good for the community aspect and to organize against religious incursions, if so inclined. More and more are popping up or making themselves known.


We have a few groups up here in western WA that meet just to discuss atheism. We found one in Tacoma that meets for breakfast once a month. Good friends. That's our 'church.'?

N7EIE Level 6 Apr 27, 2018

I didn't even think there was such a thing. An atheist church?

It's church minus religion. The member meet and a leader and/or speaker (s) discuss a topics concerning the community. They sing songs ( I understand the Beatles are a popular choice). And the do community projects like soup kitchens and adopt-a-highway type of stuff.

...nor do I.. And what I remember from an IRS agent addressing our one-time chapter of American Atheists in Portland OR that some form of religious belief was necessary to acquire tax exempt status.. We eventually ended up with a tax exempt (501-c-3) organization (United States Atheists), but it wasn’t considered a church. One of us could marry people though - and did 🙂

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