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Big FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago. Here it comes!!!!!!!!

Organist1 8 Aug 8

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It was said on MSNBC that some files were taken that are so sensitive they can't be listed on a non-classified listing. I am hoping this is true so, as one reporter said, the orange guy will get to wear a matching jumpsuit.


About time.

Betty Level 8 Aug 8, 2022

“Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before," ... well, no previous president of the United States has ever acted with such a cavalier attitude for the will of the people, now get that through your thick skull you vile creature.

It was reported on NPR that the date of the raid coincided with the day Nixon left the WH, Aug. 8th.


When and where will the Magats start their next act of mindless violence?

That's my fear too...that there will be retribution.

I will welcome it. When they, or we, do protests and such we are exposed to identification. That's really only a problem, in SoA, for those getting violent. I like it when they get identified and scrutinized.

FBI took away 15 boxes so I'm presuming this was about the stolen documents for archiving.

@rainmanjr I’m not a lawyer but from what I understand each document can be charged as an additional offense. 15 boxes could be a lot of charges.

@Garban DoJ might have determined that they should charge him with something before October (when he plans to announce). IDT Garland is worried about arresting a candidate but why open an avenue for contest if not necessary to stop 45 from running? This is just my guess, of course.

@Organist1 They already started when the formed a motorcade in front on tRumps residence.

@rainmanjr Already the repugs are encouraging him to announce his candidacy very soon, so (they think) he will be protected, or at least it will muddy the waters.

@Organist1 So maybe we'll have another example of the mindless conservative's way of dealing with disagreements. I say bring it on.

@Organist1 I think he'd be far easier to run against than his Floridian mini-me so would be inclined to roll the dice. A conviction would be better for law, however, so we might not get that far.

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