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Who is your favorite intellectual?

Examples: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Robert Sapolski, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Dan Dennet, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher, Lawrence Krauss, etc.

GaleTRogersJr 4 Dec 5

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My dad.

Followed by [in no order] Sam Harris, Neil, Hitch, Obama, Rachel Maddow.

Clearly my idea of an intellectual is different from all y'alls. πŸ™‚


Dead: Aldous Huxley; alive: NDG Tyson. Comedic: Carlin.


Christopher Hitchens will always be one of my favorites. Same with Richard Feynman. The pleasure of finding things out is such a great interview!


Γ‰milie du Chatelet


Myah Level 6 Jan 4, 2018

Alan watts and Terrance McKenna


My favorites would be the late Warren Zevon , and David Lowery. They are only my favorites because they bring intelligence and depth into the music they write. The subject matter of some of their songs is astounding.

Warren Zevon, very underrated!


Academia label us who is intellectual regardless of the stupid or dumb things those close to them witnessed. Often enough their ego gets them to research just only topics that will grant them a bigger reputation. Hey, artist suffer of the same egomaniac thing. I prefer a simple, humble "Thinker" not caught up on their fame. I liked the "life philosophy" of Argentinian Folk Singer Facundo Cabral. He did not tried to explain the god theorem. But he said.... "EAT GRASS, MILLIONS OF COWS CAN'T BE WRONG". I will say let us not over think a man's ego... It is there, in charge of his/her work until they die. I don't need to know our purpose or origin in this life... I will get the facts at the proper time if it is required for me to know. I appreciate those in need of the research for the unknown. The expansion of knowledge is important. But let us not forget that there is profound beauty in the simple things in life. I heard rumors of Einstein not able to fix himself a good cup of coffee. So much left to be known and explored! Our brain capacity need to be expanded! I choose to be a tourist that can't stay, just visit for a while.


He seems to be a favorite. πŸ™‚


Noam Chomsky
Bill Maher


Fred Hoyle the Cosmologist.


Bill Moyers ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 6, 2017
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