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Trump should be arrested for this and many other casualties that have been caused by his mouth.


Lorajay 9 Aug 14

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It is bad enough that Rethuglicans are stoking their own dangerous delusions, but when it affects the millions of mental midgets that live in the United $tates of Absurdity it then starts to destabilise society.


Again, surprise, surprise, surprise, not. The cretin followers of the fascist wannabe are just looking for an excuse to knock someones head. They all seem to be gun mad. Do they actually think they can stand up to the police or even militia. My only concern is the number actually in our armed forces that support the orange POS.


A long time ago !! He's committed more crimes than can be counted!!!



bobwjr Level 10 Aug 14, 2022

It's really stunning to learn how many of them are living in the world with us!

40% of voters.

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