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Military spending in the US is insanely out of control. Didn't work for the Spanish Empire, not working for us.

Druvius 8 Aug 20

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Why is so much spent on the military?

Maybe because the arms industries are well distributed and cutting the arms budget will reduce employment in many states. Politicians don’t want to reduce employment in their own districts.


A little more than 10% of the total federal budget is spent on military.

Wow. We spend more money on the military that the next ten countries combined, military spending on a historically almost unprecedented scale. Well over half our discretionary spending is on the military, maintaining a global military empire that does nothing but enrich the military and arms industry, while our social, infrastructure, medical, and educational spending is the laugh of the developed world. Let me guess, you're a truther, birther, and climate change denier too.

But thank you for demonstrating that "Figures don't lie, but liars sure can figure."

@Druvius I am none of the classification you label me including a liar. Notice how you delineated discretionary spending from mandatory spending.

Discretionary spending by the federal government totaled $1.6 trillion in 2020, of which $714 billion was for national defense and $914 billion was for nondefense activities.

Mandatory spending by the federal government totaled $4.6 trillion in 2020, of which $1.9 trillion was for Social Security and Medicare.

A good example of your comment "Figures don't lie, but liars sure can figure."

Still cracking up. One wants to defend America's out of control military spending, there are arguments that could be made. Pretending it's not out of control ... fantastic self-own. You're a hoot.

@Garban Thank you for proving my point?

@Druvius you find the facts disturbing? Anyone can post a meme of a fictional jet with emotion evocative labels pointing at mechanical components. What you should do to make your point is actually post information about exactly what cuts were made to the programs your labeling the jet with. Get those numbers then come back and post how much they’ve been “cut”.

@Garban You're a flat Earther, got it. If you ever want to discuss America's insanely expensive global military empire, glad to chat. You want to pretend it doesn't exist, run ... don't walk ... to the nearest psychiatrist.

@Druvius Flat-Easter, truther, birther, and climate change denier. That’s the most ad hominem attacks I’ve endured since I was in basic training. I understand that’s what those emotionally attached to their political views do when they’re confronted with facts that frustrate their agenda.

Have you found any data to backup these cuts you’ve claimed? They’re maybe some. I don’t know.

Whichever way you approach it. America has the two largest airforces in the world (the USAF and the USNAF). You guys must feel so threatened by Canada and Mexico.
Btw. do you really think the military stays within budget? its all debt


Cuts to veterans services should be there too.


Infrastructure should be in there.

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