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It’s funny because it’s true

CourtJester 7 Aug 27

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Kyle Rittenhouse deserves commendation and support.


Have I got this right, you are medical doctor and you condone murder?

Well… those shot were convicted felons and pedophiles, so I’m not heart broken. There’s always a level of Justice in every situation.


There is no way this kid was protecting anything. We have to ask ourselves why others think a high school kid was asked to come there and guard anything and also ask why his mother drove him half the way there.

But he was found as not guilty.


You are UGLY inside.

You’re very welcome


You are the biggest idiot on this site, and I don't care who knows it.

I’m an idiot because it’s true?

@CourtJester Oh no, being laughingly pro-lynching doesn't make you an idiot, it makes you a terrible excuse for a human being.

What makes you believe that I’m pro lynching?

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