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Curious Who has still been listening to those connected to Jeffrey Epstein? And not the myriad of people with just as high merits if not higher than those who are connected to Jeffery Epstein.. he went to Harvard you know .. he had the shirt . 'member? I 'member

Still support the injections?

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laidback1 6 Aug 28

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I'm still waiting to see if the world is saved by covid vaccines. Who esle are we being saved by? Green passports, Masks, HIgh tech,and Big Pharma, Plus Media and Epsteins pedophile sold to Politicians that enpowers them.

Then, I would says, we are royalty screwed.


WtF...try an actual thought along with some sentence structure?

Try critical thinking.. I was taught how to read mistakes in school.. not thinking critically got us into this mess . If there is people who are in the government's intelligence community using child rape black mail on scientists & others with power & influence,who you going to trust?

@laidback1 It amazes me how many on this site ditch religious bs will be so ready to trade it in for wild unsubstantiated conspiracies.



You never heard of Jeffrey Epstein? The Florida state prosecutor said he was part of intelligence, and he didn't spend the day in jail ,he got one year ,look up Whitney Web if you really want to dig deep in this ,it's all real as real gets .

Look up the Barrington declaration that was written by & signed by countless medical professionals.

There's so much information out there,just have to find it..

Wade through the bs , yes qanaon is bullshit .. the Barrington declaration is not .. Jeffery Epstein totally real ,took scientists from Harvard to his pedophile Island.

Not all scientists there were into Jeffery or remember foundly of Jeffrey, Eric Weinstein said he thought he was fake when he met him ,called him a construct..

@laidback1 Huh?

@barjoe Whitney Web is a better writer than I ... I guess or your just not paying attention well enough.. I stated earlier in a reply he was being used by the intelligence community to use child rape black mail to control people in power.. is this getting through.. because I don't get it .

Ive faced to face with my brother and my dad on this subject ,

my brother doesn't seem to get how bad it is and what affect it has ,my dad is an arrogant fool that thinks it's made up and doesn't get it ..

Do you actually get it now ? Am I that bad at explaining this ? This is seriously horrid ,the time of ego to be right and feel good about oneself is not a good idea, especially with this .. children are being hurt , people are being controlled by people who allow this .. this cannot stand ..

@laidback1 Huh?

@barjoe you're a fucking pedophile enabler,you're letting this fucking happen... Fuck you , everyone like you are just as responsible! as those who are actually doing it !

@laidback1 huh?

@laidback1 and just to qualify that potent "huh" by @barjoe, if I may....Epstein was found hanging, dead, in his Jail Cell so I guess contrary to your BS he Did spend some time in jail, until he died anyway.......

@AnneWimsey look up Jeffery Epstein "sweet heart" deal.,he was already conflicted before he got arrested again for it ,and then died.. but you did not know this did you ? Now you do ,and you're going to dismiss it if you even dare to look into it .. all wild conspiracy nonsense ,even though the evidence is not hard to find .. sweet heart deal it was called he spent only nights in jail he got to go out during the day . You really have no clue what is happening in this world .. you chose to stay ignorant ,you dismiss anything that can be proven by just not looking into it and enjoy your fantasyland

@laidback1 You might be right. So what? Fuck off!

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