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LINK A shrinking Lake Powell could herald an even worse water crisis in the Southwest's future |

Nothing like a little dire news for a Monday...

I grew up at the southern end of Lake Powell and it's always been a resource to be abused -- insofar as possible, as remote as it is.

These days we live about three hours south of there and water is still one of our greatest issues.

Our property has one of five legal wells within the city limits although we don't use it. I doubt the well is deep enough to reach the aquifer these days anyway. We'd have to redrill.

The AZ state Constitution has a clause prohibiting taking water from one aquifer area to service another. But that didn't stop them from wangling an exception for the big 'water ranches' west of Phoenix. Ugh.😡

Now they're trying to build a pipeline from the Big Chino aquifer north of us to support all the new homes in our area. Ugh again.😡

Well... As indicated by the linked story, it looks like all the game playing is catching up to them(us?). We're about to enter a difficult time -- a narrow passage. Here we go.

RichCC 8 Aug 29

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Sorry to hear that. I stopped into a bowling alley in Page, one night, and became a pool legend so go back and tell people you know me. It won't help your water problems but they might buy you a beer.

Did you ever see The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey? He talked about Page accurately.
He said there is something seriously wrong with a town with more churches than bars. Ha, ha.

I lived there from '68 to '80 and my parents lived there a long time especially my mother's family. My how ever many greats grandfather built Phantom Ranch in the bottom of the Canyon. But I went off to college, got a job and a wife and never went back. It sure is beautiful country -- I miss it.

@RichCC I have not seen that but will look for it. That's impressive lineage.

I'm not sure 'impressive' is the word I'd use but thanks. You pick up a lot of small town stories.

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