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USA - the world's most dangerous terrorist.

I was interested to learn that according to 6 USCS § 101, the term terrorism is

“any activity that involves an act that is dangerous to human life or potentially destructive of critical infrastructure or key resources; and is a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State or other subdivision of the United States; and appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion, or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.”

Doesn't this mean that all the drone killings, foreign country regime undermining, depleted uranium contamination in the middle east, renditions to Guantanamo Bay & other hell holes, the promulgation funding & arming of the Ukraine conflict make USA the biggest terrorist of all?

Perhaps the retired lawyer will respond.

FrayedBear 9 Aug 31

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The problem is that a freedom fighter, a resistance fighter, a terrorist and a participant in a military police action all come under the same definition and which epithet is attached is a very subjective decision.
Until of course a war is declared and then all bets are off and all is "fair".

Even more so when you declare some foney baloney war on a concept, such as drugs, terror and Christmas

Another cause of baloney wars - weapons of mass destruction now known as words of mass deception.


The use of depleted uranium is not, nor ever was approved for use against civilian populations. Other than its use to penetrate tanks or similar vehicles I am unaware of any other use.

As such I question the veracity of your source, and, of course the proof of our "terrorism" allegation.

Only the stupid¹, lawyers & the simple minded are going to accept that a shell that degrades into dust after hitting armour plating is not going to contaminate the area & people in the surrounding area.

@FrayedBear When you can prove any of the photos you posted are in fact related to depleted uranium please do so.

The fact that you do not even cite a source for your pronouncements strongly indicates this is another bullshit post from you.

Last, I am POSITIVE I know more about weapons of war than you. MUCH more.

In conclusion, you are a sad case.

@Alienbeing lol "I am POSITIVE I know more about weapons of war than you. MUCH more." and I can tell the world that I am JC returned! Get real!
As for depleted uranium shell dust not causing birth defects explain why they only started happening after the US military started shooting them and only occur in those places where there are people exposed to it?

@FrayedBear You STILL have not quoted a source. The pictures you post came from where? Who says the birth defects came from depleted uranium? What are you hiding?

As for weapons knowledge, your comment is stupid, and I do know MUCH more about military weapons than you ever dreamed.

@Alienbeing who says you know more. You've never produced your credentials for the jury\ site members. You are unproven. If as you claim you you have knowledge are you one who should be investigated for this crime against humanity?
As for the source of the hotos simply google search for them then pull up the data on each photo.
Stop being a lazy bastard & do your own research & fact finding.

@FrayedBear I say I know more about weapons than you ever even tried to learn.

You are now just babbling bullshit. I called your bluff. You have no source, and the photos you posted do not even relate. There is nothing on line that has any of the pictures you posted, and speaking about depleted uranium issues. Additionally those articles thay are on line say depeleted uranium "could" be responsible radiation issues, but there is no proof. Last, most of the photis you posted seems to come from Africa. Since we never used such weapons in Africa, your bullshit fallls very flat.

Now I see ANOTHER typo!!! What are "hotos"? Again your amazing typing and proof reading capabilities have failed you. The amazing typing and proof reading capabilities you brag about and seem to be your only claim to fame. Additionally, this is after you said something like this would not happen again. I guess your ability to concentrate is leaving you.

In any event, your photos and allegation regarding radiation pollution are proven bullshit. At least as respects whay you posted....... but can't reference.

@Alienbeing you're pathetic.

@FrayedBear Calling out your bullshit is the opposite of pathetic.

@Alienbeing you have not proven anything other than that you are unable to refute what is presented to you.

@FrayedBear You are truly moronic at times. How the hell could I prove your pictures were anything. You refuse to divulge the source of the pictures. The only logical reason for you to do that is you got caught in another lie.

@Alienbeing More of your failure. You have access not only to the same resources as myself but also those available to you when employed as a US government contractor. Just simply spineless & unable or unwilling to share it with everyone. You are indeed a poor human or alien.

@FrayedBear You must be on drugs, and you obviously think anyone really cares what you have to say. First, I remind you that you never indicated where your source material came from. That being the cse HOW could I "access to the same resources"? I don't know where you looked!

What does the "available to you when employed as a US government contractor" mean? What contractor are you referring to??

After you take your meds, see if you can make any sense of what you siad.

@Alienbeing 1. Google is an American facility known throughout the world. Quit being cute - it doesn't sit well on your visage.
2. You claim superior knowledge. I do not believe that you privately researched the issue, nor do I believe anyone other than government or its agencies & contractors would. . . Unless you have been acting for litigants suing the US government thing that sounds like something that you would not undertake.

@FrayedBear I don't claim superior knowledge, but I have PROVEN that you usually don't have a clue about the subjects you post. Additionally, I have PROVEN you don't know U.S. laws or customs.

Much of your 9/30 reply makes no sense so can't address what it is supposed to mean.

@Alienbeing the phone app does not identify the date that any reply is made. It only identifies the date of the first response creating a thread on a post.
This thread you started on 01\09\2022 as evidenced by the screenshot:

@FrayedBear Your point is?


Thought everyone knows US military is the greatest terrorist group in the world. Trick is , get everyone to do something about it. Rather than live by lies and do nothing about it.

As you know there are many deluded psychotic Americans on here who have attacked you & that concept.


I was kicked out of the US and had my green card taken away. For refusing WBush a war sculptures. I don't do sculptures with anything political, religious and especially to do with murderers. Covid handling was by far the greatest destroyer for artist communication and expression. Bullies can cause us to step back and keep us on our toes. The arts has more influence for humanity than anyone or group in human history. Their greatest fear is bringing beauty to life and to the light.
I fall down, I get up again and go round and round. This the last chance for the greedy globalist to own everybody. And history repeats over and over again, as these empires will fail again.

@Castlepaloma you never cease to amaze me & I feel honoured to have vicariously known you.

@Castlepaloma on your green card - all I can say is that I admire your principle & suggest that it is worth a 1000000 green cards.


Overall the world is progressing well enough. The western nations, not good, as its on its 80 year cycle like the second war world and before that the Civil War collapse. At least it's not as horrible as those times were, as more smart people will advance.

I"ve applied for different country passports, because we are still having travel vaccine restrictions and troubles in Canada.

Thanks very much for your support, let's not let those turkeys get us down.

@Castlepaloma Now we see why you post articles criticizing the US. Your Green card was revoked. Certainly it was not revoked because you refused to create any sculpture, that statement from you is bullshit.

Green cards do not guarantee future citizenship. I guess you failed to do something.

We don't miss you.


One time US was my favorite place to be for 25 years I had a unique and pioneer profession of snow and sandsculpture that No one esle did full time. A canadain friend of mine, replace me for the Bush war sculptures in Normandy France beach, ap war theme . His green card continue as my stopped. I was a recent world sandsculpture champion at the time. Look at any top economicist, they will tell you that the USA dollar and economy is for sure to collapse. It's held up mainly by printing money. USA is ground zero, as third world War has started.

@Castlepaloma Look anyplace. The USA is THE place immigrants want to come to. That speaks for itself.

Last, don't hold your breath for an economic collapse here. While recessions come and go we remain the top world economy.

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