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LINK Cases against 20 arrested voters in Florida on shaky legal ground. State issued them voter IDs | Miami Herald

Why am I not surprised? It's another Republican clusterf.k trying to play image games rather than actually governing.
From the link -- “They’re going to pay the price for it,’’ the governor promised .

Somebody's going to pay... And so far it looks again like Florida taxpayers.

They're going to a lot of effort and expense to punish voters for a problem that very likely wasn't their fault and wouldn't have affected the election outcomes anyway.

From the link again

The Senate sponsor of the legislation that implemented the felons voting law has concluded that “now a million-dollar operation” of the Office of Elections Crimes and Security may ultimately produce no convictions.

“The more that comes out on the arrests, the more I believe the individuals involved had no knowledge or intent to violate the law,’’ wrote Sen. Jeff Brandes, the Republican from St. Petersburg and Senate sponsor of the law that implemented the felons voting law, in a post on Twitter.

Because “the state has to prove intent,’’ he said he wonders: “Were these people ever notified that they were not eligible to vote? And can we prove that they did it willingly?
Until local supervisors have removed those excluded from having their rights automatically restored, “they are eligible voters,” Lee told the Herald/Times in an interview on Oct. 5, 2020. “Those individuals are not being blocked from voting.”

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Yes, a political stunt. It is simple really. Either you want a con to be able to vote or you do not.


This is a political stunt by DeSantas. They do the same thing in Texas. Florida is quickly becoming Texas East with better beaches.

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