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LINK Doctors Concerned About Queen Elizabeth II Health | AP

It's all the fault of that new prime minister, Liz Truss, I heard she's a real ball breaker.

barjoe 9 Sep 8

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Charles is buffing his crown as the family waits.

Probably reluctantly as he will become unable to voice his opinion on a host of subjects.


OH, no...that sounds very serious. When a family gathers from far away, it can't be good.

It isn't. The UK news is almost exclusively about the queen's health at present.

@Petter Yes. She is the longest ruling monarch ever in England. I believe she became queen the year I was born. I am 69. For a long time, my mother had a print of her coronation framed and hanging in the living room. My sister now has that. I wonder how "King Charles III" will be received.

@Organist1 Did you have a UK connection?
I am 41 - as in born October, 1941.

@Petter Yes. My mother's family emigrated to the US from England (Deal, to be precise, on one side), around 1900, so my grandmother was born there. My father's side came from Wales.

@Organist1 I am ethnically ½ Norwegian, ¼ Swiss and ¼ South African. I am 3rd generation Kenyan and have a British passport. ie. A "mongrel"!

@Petter Genetic diversity is a good thing! I have a little German on my father's side somewhere.

@Organist1 How little was he? 5ft? 😂🤣

@Petter It was a she, and her name was Finger, so maybe she was as little as Tom Thumb!

@Organist1 Lovely! 😘


Shame. I had hoped she would last another 4 years to her 'ton'.
Anyone under the age of 70 has never known any other UK monarch.

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