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It's one thing to win a primary election. It's quite another to win the general.

Flyingsaucesir 8 Sep 19

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Remember no one thought he would win the last time either. I will not relax until he's defeated again and hopefully in prison.

He didn't have the baggage that he has now, and he's lost a number of fans, so I don't think he's electable. I don't think his endorsements mean much, either. They're enough to win Primaries but not the general (as the post says).

@rainmanjr I so hope you are right.

@Lorajay I never say something unless I'm right or I think that I'm right. LOL


That image eerily reminds me of a cartoon of someone having toilet paper stuck to their shoe. Ha, ha.🙂

I sincerely hope you're right about the general elections coming up.

I'm getting tired of hearing pundits talk about President's parties losing midterm elections.

That image crossed my mind too 🤣

@RichCC A lot of pundits are saying that this year is different from most.

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