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Another update on my daughter. The oncologist said that based only on the size of the lesion, she's likely to need a hysterectomy and radiation, but that isn't 100% certain. She is scheduled to have a PET/CT scan on Thursday then to see the oncologist again next Wednesday. Meanwhile she's coping with humor (she's so like her mother!!) which her husband HATES! He told her son, "If you need to talk you can call me since she's not talking this seriously." Lol

JonnaBononna 7 Sep 20

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No Chemo! Well Keep hope high, this might be a very Good news! means it's not advanced yet. Keep us posted

Diaco Level 7 Sep 21, 2022

Are we to assume she is divorced 😉

Not yet! Lol


When I had a stroke and was put on a bed, head held by sandbags, catheter & diaper as I was not allowed to move (chiropractor snapped my neck & severed my left vertebral artery) even though my speech was affected, I still joked...the sicker I felt (and more scared) the funnier I got. When immobilized, it is good to have your nurses like you!
More power to her!!!!!!!


Humor is the best stress relief! Doesn’t mean you aren’t taking it seriously. Just healthier in the long run than depression and stress.

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