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I'd buy that. It's not like the miserable Republicans have anything else to do with their time.

Republicans are making plans to impeach Biden weekly after the midterms.


Dyl1983 8 Sep 22

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Says a lot about a party when the only thing they can offer is revenge. Never mind if it is warranted or not. This should send a loud and clear message to the voters about this party. Another thing, that sends a clear message, is the stupidity of the party to announce such things as this and pushing for a total federal ban on abortion and pardoning Jan. 6 convicts.


Hahaha. So? Even if they could get it through the Senate, it won't make any difference.

Clinton was impeached. Trump was impeached twice. In today's political climate, it's becoming more a hazing event, or a right of passage, than something to take seriously.

And I believe MTG started this stunt. I'm wholly confident the Republicans will fall in line, sit down and. STFU should this come to fruition. It's only the loudest and dumbest that give one shit about this.


There is a fundamental asymmetry between sane people who held their noses voting for MBNA Biden (pandemic is now over…jackass?) and the nutters all in for Trump (what pandemic?) who went on to storm the Capitol on 1-6-21 because replacement theory.

The House will probably flip fashy but the Senate may go a tad further corporate centrist Dem, so good luck convicting based on Hunter’s laptop. Hopefully Cheato goes to prison, though the consolation prize for fashies in 2024 is Dersantis if Ric Flair clone RINO-DINO Crist doesn’t body slam him first. Woooh!!!

Yeah my jaded cynicism is acting up again.


I am not surprised. The words honesty, decency, integrity and self-doubt are meaningless to Rethuglicans.


I have already stated that, if Dems lose The House, the 2 years between mid-terms and Presidential elections will be impeachments of POTUS Joe and Kamala. If they were somehow successful in removing them Kevin, presumably, will be POTUS.

5 their jobs. Have you ever noticed how much republicans look like howler monkeys?

I have not but they do sling that poo.

@rainmanjr []
You can't read the whole article without signing up for a free account, but you can get the substance of it from the first few lines. I just think Trump looks like a howler monkey too.

@Organist1 “ Older male trumpis monkeys, meanwhile, have been observed mixing leaves and twigs with the hair on top of their heads to hide thinning patches, and smearing various fruits on their faces to preserve colorful, youthful appearances.”

That’s him.

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