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Sheriff investigating DeSantis faces influx of death threats


Dyl1983 8 Sep 22

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WTF, exactly, is "LOL" about this to you?
Maybe you would enjoy living in a world run by threats & intimidation?
Oh, wait, the Gestapo already did a fine job of that....briefly.......

Because it's dumb that he's receiving death threats. For HELPING people. That's why I find it funny you brain-dead cave-dweller. I don't find it funny that he's getting death threats just the stupidity of the people who are threatening him.

I'm not some Nazi. For Christ's sake.

I think it's funny because they are like rabid dogs. Threatening a Sheriff seems a good idea to these boneheads. Remember when we thought doing something like that would land us in jail? Well, apparently not.

And I don't have to worry about living in a world of threats and intimidation. I'm not an American.

@Dyl1983 bragging that you live in a world where gratuitous name-calling is perfectly fine, and "humor" is death threats, what a charming place.
Lucky you!
Oh, wait, you fit right in......


Of course he's receiving death threats! That's what MAGAs do. MAGAs don't respect the "rule of law" for themselves. Only from those they wish to oppress.


There's nothing at all funny about right-wing terrorism in America. I realize those of you that don't reside here. don't get it, but these insane fuckers kill people enmasse, as well as individually. More Americans have been murdered on American soil by right wing extremists than any other group of groups of persons. The #1 threat to democracy in America today, are right wing extremists.

Maybe you were being glib, but given your more recent posts/replies to me personally, I believe you t

for some reason, aren't being ironic, funny, or going, rather you really do think this is funny.

That Sheriff? At the moment, he gets the label "patriot for democracy." The same as the. 11th Cirrcuit Court Judge, Tish James of New York, and the Special Master that took away the 15 minutes of fame from the traffic court Judge that ruled in Trump's favor for a whole 20 minutes. These, today, are heroes. We need more of them.


I find it funny that the right is agreeing with the shit Ron DeSantis is spewing. Hence, the reason I "laughed" when I sent the link.


What's funny about that?

Not one thing. πŸ˜‘


Which should all be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent! He’s cutting against the LEO grain here!

I’m not a huge fan of cops, especially sheriffs, lately as so many sheriffs are the fashy constitutionalist variety, but I make an exception for this cop Sheriff Javier Salazar.

I hope he gets traction against Dersantis.

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