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Sad how even when books are not targeted for "banning" some of these conservative groups spend their free time going posting false reviews on books from a list given to them by their church, which are too thoughtful or compassionate for their narrow minds. Sometimes they will go on a review site and blatantly admit they haven't read the book and they don't want to read it, but just want to post their one star to bring down the ratings of free thought books, or stories that make readers think or imagine themselves in someone else's shoes. Funny how these conservative Christian groups don't want to have ant tools to help them actually love their neighbors.

They only love neighbors who worship the same god, and book, they do. They can all go to Hell. On the bright side, banning anything doesn't work.


The Vid was available at 6:50 pm on Saturday California time.



Vid Unavailable.
It's cancel culture.
Alex Jones was deplatformed and everyone cheered because he's a wanker.
Artwork, statues, torn down and everyone cheered because they woke now
Social media censured and everyone cheered because they prefer echo chambers.
Now we burn books, witches next.
But we preach long as you agree

puff Level 8 Sep 24, 2022

It's just a busted link. Oh well.

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