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How is gender equality in your neck of the planet?

All aid for victims of violence & sexual violence in the EU is directed towards women despite 11% of violence being against men (women 8%) and sexual violence 13% women (10% men).
What equality of resource!


FrayedBear 9 Oct 6

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I have no statistics and was not interested in the subject enough to look any of them up.

Ignorance & denial is bliss?


@castlepalomas point though well made is A self fulfilling prophesy, tell a person they cannot control what they do and they will immediately assume that they do not HAVE try and control it.
Tell them that they can control themselves and they will, except in cases of mental imbalance or pure evil.

I was a victim of spousal abuse for five and a half years, not only was my 1st wife larger and stronger than me (and I found out later had a prior conviction for assault having been hired to beat up another woman), but when informed the police laughed in my face, and then warned me not to fight back or I would be liable for prosecution because of the assumption that a man need not practice self defense against a female and any attempt to do so would be seen as aggression on his part.
As a child I was taught ( and still believe) that for a man to raise a hand against a woman in anger is the lowest of the low. So many men will not fight back against a bullying spouse, because they believe to do so will make them a monster, and many women rely on this to provoke men in to a rage and so that, as they see it, they can portray themselves in the position of martyr and victim. This too is the behaviour of lowest of the low.
Men do rape men it is true all to often and in such cases again the police tend to take the stance that it is impossible to prove, because "No real man" would allow himself to get in that situation. There are practically no counseling or support services for heterosexual male victims of abuse, physical sexual or emotional, because again "Real Men" don't need that sort of thing and "The poofs look after one another".

Partner abuse is just as real no matter the sex or gender of the perpetrator or the victim and it is time it was treated as such.

Agreed. I've also known that like USA ignoring all international laws that don't financially benefit it, Australia continues to fail men's & children's rights. I proved this 30 years ago in Australian federal appeal court.
As a school chum put it "men are treated like the black widow spider's mate - disposable".
Children are mere economic assets to be used & abused by the state.


Men are 20% stronger and men dominate in physical strength as we know in sports. That is mainly the advantage of men over women. In the US, did you know that men actually get raped by men more than US women in the general public. In the middle east women wear ghost like dress starting at age 9 because they believe that men cannot control their beasty sexual desires.

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