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Has retired US State Senator Richard Black succinctly called out the Nordstream & Ukrainian war perpetrators - US President Biden & his party, the CIA & International oligarchs wanting to steal European & Russian people's assets?

"It is not in a time of peace, but in times of war, such as now, that the right and duty to tell the truth most matter. Names continue to be added to the now-infamous Ukrainian “kill lists.” Journalists continue to suffer injury, death threats, harassment and ostracism. A few elected officials and others have spoken out, but the United States Congress and parliaments of Europe have been mute. People in the trans-Atlantic nations ask, “Why are we spending tens of billions we don’t have in a war that we don’t want?”And with the Nordstream pipeline explosions, credibility of the political elites is at an all-time low."

"It is a badge of honor to be listed with the Truth-tellers on the “kill lists.” Join us Thursday, Oct 6 to hear the truth that others fear to state, so that we might join together and end this war madness before it ends us."

FrayedBear 9 Oct 7

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"They want to do the same thing with Russia." Well they did the same thing to Russia thanks to Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Which is why Viktor Yanukovych decided to decline further agreements with the EU and go with Russia's proposal. The EU had it's eyes on doing then what they're exactly accomplishing today that Black describes in the video. Ukraine has been handled over to the EU and world banks on a silver plater. The only people benefiting from this is their ruling class oligarchs and a few politicians.

Unlike Putin who put a stop to the plundering of Russia, Yanukovych wanted to do, with his illegal overthrow Ukraine has reached a tipping point of no return. The entire Ukraine society has been sacrificed to a potential of never ending austerity measures that have been growing since the 2000's. Now 60 billion dollars in debt in which they have virtually no means to pay it back, and growing with every arms and aide shipment sent it.

What most people here know isn't what they don't know. Which would be the Ukrainians who are forced to live under a fascist ruling who oppose it are trapped in a collapsing society under an authoritarian government. Any sense of a democracy has been erased with every opposing party banned in the country. Anyone who speaks out negatively about the government and conditions is potentially putting themselves on a death list. Last week Kiev spent a million on one missile to silence a defecting member of parliament to kill along with reporters at a motel in the Donbass regions. 1 other was killed in the attack on a civilian target. You can all thank our western MSMs for your indoctrination into not knowing what you don't know.

Ukraine can't win this war. They won't win this war! Not without a lot of help. The western medias might make it all sound good for now, but the EU is getting their asses handed to them. That's a front outside of the war Russia is winning without having to even engage on. And the protest against it are growing every week in European countries as their own representation sacrifice their citizens and economies over. The EU doesn't want to send in troops and running out of arms to send. Months to years for those that have been promised. Putin and his military know this. So any minor accomplishments that have been made by Russia fall back is simply another staged strategy to save lives for his military as Ukraine exhausts their means. As he also replenishes his out numbered troops. Let me state this one more time. Ukraine=100,000 deaths to Russia=10,000 deaths. Who's actually winning? Let me also state this one more time. MSCM=half truths and or blatant disinformation. The only thing the western governments are winning is the information war.

I assure you that Zelensky has an escape plan that's been well prepared for some time. He's merely another proxy puppet with a target on his back. Like Hitler, he and his top cohorts in this crime have a cache of money stashed and airplanes ready to hit the sky's at any given moment when it becomes obvious the gig is over. Quite frankly, I'll be surprised if Zelensky doesn't come up missing or dead at some point. Possibly a few of those around him. But most of them have been in on this crime for several years and the cabal can't get rid of all of them. They'll play important parts in explaining it away for the ruling class. Some being thrown under the bus for a short period. Those they deem as questionable with the potential of pulling the cat out of the bag will find another fate.


Black is just shooting blanks in the dark. He offers not a shred of evidence to back up his position, which he himself characterizes as a "guess," a "hunch," "speculation." Black totally misrepresents Biden's words, and he totally ignores Russia's (Putin's) obvious motive to destroy the pipeline. Putin is desperate to sow discord in the EU and break the West's will to support Ukraine. What better way than to make every European ask him/herself if helping Ukraine is worth being uncomfortably cold this winter. Without evidence, Black points the finger at his own country and doesn't even acknowledge that Russia had not only a compelling motive, but also the means and opportunity to destroy the pipeline.

I've alway known for 10 years ago that the G7 wants to own everything and the world. With their population being 10% of the world and their greed will someday come to an end of the empire as all empires come to an end. Already evidence some of them, are turning into third world country. . Compared to the BRICS of 46% of the world's population. In war history predominantly the side with the most population wins out in the battles and the war. No matter what the G7 dirty deed are and what they throw at them. Russia has changed trading with the BRICS, and G7 don't like that , and that's too bad and so sad for them

@Castlepaloma What has this got to do with the bombing of the pipeline?


It's another flase flag attempt to create a world war 3 that has already started anyway , more of a cold war. A war that the east has already won unless nuclear weapons get out of hand than nobody wins and they both know it. The globalist westernized obsolete have created more civil war against themselves more than anything. I'm prepared in an off grid community for what ever happens. Ready to do blackmarket trading much like how the east is doing in general. The people of the west will wake up to these facts and then will change the great abuse at least to a better level for themselves. Because everyone knows.


The America hater troll is also a puppet of Russia, Spayed Bear continues his Russian troll propaganda abusing this site, he's bitch hurt because without America Australians would be eating sashimi and saying arigato, instead of thanks, which this Russian puppet troll never says, and tries to rewrite history by saying some bullshit about WW2 was won by Russia, proving once again the level of senility or imbecility this troll continues to demonstrate, while sucking British cock and bending over for his king. Typical and well known Russian trolling from SpayedBear, the Aussie bitch troll. Unfortunately the moderators here allow him to continue spewing propaganda and misinformation that is clearly Russian originated.

Like Russia won Trump's election for him? Mofo the mental & manual masturbator?

Men masturbate, Russian cocksucking bitch trolls like you get their kicks sucking royal cock and bending over for king Charles.


Richard Black is a senile Former VA State Senator, never was a US Senator (big difference) He's a Russian asset and a Piece of Shit Republican. Fuck him and Fuck All Republicans!

Dear oh dear Joe. He must be speaking an awful lot of truth that you cannot understand to get you so riled up! Reads like your conscious brain may be in conflict with your subconscious.

@FrayedBear He a real tub of shit. He's also one of those holy rollers. He hates gays so much it's like an obsession, prolly a closet case. Supports conversion therapy. He's supports President Assad and President Putin but not President Biden. In my book that makes him a treasonous traitor. Those are the people you admire? I feel sorry for you.

@barjoe tyfyi. I didn't look into his other attributes. I will on your advice however regard him as a broken analogue clock - telling the correct time twice a day.
I did however have justified scepticism - Vietnam vet, lawyer, Republican, American, white knight. Is he also Catholic?

@FrayedBear IDK he's a former Marine Colonel. He never spoke out against Vietnam until after the fact.

@barjoe Guilty conscience?

@FrayedBear Once AGAIN you show the fact that you don't have a clue about U.S. laws, customs & politics.

You can't even appreciate the difference between a State & Federal Senator. @barjoe is correct when he told you there is a BIG difference. Do you care to learn? No, you are too busy reading rt.

Rant on you confirm your ignorance with each post.

@Alienbeing how do I do that alien?

Which part of "retired US State Senator Richard Black" do you not understand?

@FrayedBear Ahh, you missed the point again. The POINT was not whether Black was a State or Federal Senator, the POINT was that by referring to a State Senator you illustrate you don't know what a State Senator does, or more importantly, when they do not do. Chief among the things a State Senator does not do is become involved in foreign affairs. As such any position a State Senator may take on foreign affairs first means nothing and second the position is not back up by any work experience.

Try to comprehend the point.

@Alienbeing Doesn't your constitution & properly enacted legislation require all Americans to give allegiance⁰ to the USA?
Therefore the ex senator irrespective of office held or retired from is "involved in foreign affairs" & much more besides.
Perhaps you should comprehend what your life & citizenship entails & requires of you.


@Alienbeing " confirm your ignorance with each post." - #nworsa

@FrayedBear No our Constitution has no such provision. In fact a citizen can openly criticize, and deny all parts of our Constitution. As such your conclusion proves you have NO knowledge of U.S. Laws.

@FrayedBear Your "nworsa" link is suppposed to prove what?

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