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Indonesian genocide in E.Timor assisted by US oil & military along with Australian military assistance & cover up by Jewish Australian Prime Minister Malcom Fraser, a despised US puppet who ultimately was found without his trousers in a seedy Memphis hotel presumably for having failed his American puppet masters, led government.

After the invasion, the Fraser government (1975-81) proactively worked on behalf of the Suharto regime in the international arena, lobbying a range of countries, from Guatemala to Brazil to the Solomon Islands to Sweden amongst others. These efforts were denying evidence of abuses, belittling those who claimed otherwise, propagating a false narrative, heading off calls for international enquiries and attempting to remove the issue from the United Nations agenda.


FrayedBear 9 Oct 18

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What proof of genocide do you have? Memos? Strategic Plans? What?


@FrayedBear Malcom Fraser is Catholic. WTF? Why would it matter if he were a Jew? Does that sound antisemitic or is it me? You're as bad as Kanye West.

Actually he is much worse, and that is hard to do.

@Alienbeing Kanye is worse because he has a following. Much more dangerous. What Kanye said emboldens random people like Fray to spew their hatred.

Being born jewish Joe I would have thought that you knew that the maternal faith is the determinant of the child's religion?
If you are now saying that he is catholic because of his father, or even worse marriage to a Catholic, you are identifying horrific coercion to say nothing of your own ridiculous accusation against me that merely results from your personal conflicts.

@FrayedBear The Nazis accused Franklin Roosevelt of being Jewish. It's not anything to be ashamed of if it were true but wasn't. I don't know whether Malcom Fraser has Jewish origins or not but you felt it necessary to call him that "Jewish Prime Minister" Why did you need to say that?

@barjoe []

@barjoe ....


No. One. Cares.

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