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Are you qualified to vote in the mid-terms next month and if so, do you know how you will be voting?

Please feel free to explain your answer in the comments.

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LovinLarge 8 Oct 24

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With the UN new world order & politics is a uniparty on the federal level, who gives a sh!t anymore. 🤷♀️

Emme Level 7 Dec 2, 2022

The contradictory positions on abortion between red and blue should have put the equivalence argument to bed permanently.


I went through the choices carefully and made notes on the candidates.
Not too surprisingly I ended up with almost straight Dem with two down ballot races I couldn't find information on so they'll be blank unless I find something.

Nice that you actually put in some effort.

The propositions were more interesting than the candidates.
My wife still uses FB and reported some ignorant opinions.🙂


I don't understand why it is even close.

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