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LINK Canadians are less religious than ever before, census reveals

More than a third of Canadians have no religious affiliation, according to new census data released by Statistics Canada, the nation’s statistical agency. The 34.6% of Canadian “Nones” more than doubles the 16.5% who fell into the same category in 2001, revealing a trend that has yet to plateau.

The agency says the change cannot simply be attributed to a rise in immigration since immigrants to Canada have been disproportionately religious; rather, they attribute at least some of the rise to people raising their kids without organized religion: ...

snytiger6 9 Oct 28

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I'm not surprised. For the most part, it's not an important aspect of life in most areas.


It sounds like a nice place to live, if wasn't so damn cold.


Great news…….hope more of the world will follow suit, though it seems very unlikely.

I am concerned at the increasing radicalisation of Trumpistan.

@anglophone The world is definitely FUCKED!!

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