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LINK Trump Calls U.S. 'Evil,' Suggests Biden Deserves 'Electric Chair'

Former President Donald Trump described the U.S. as "Evil" and said he would be sentenced to the "Electric Chair" if he faced the same corruption allegations that are lobbed against President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. (In reality, there is a ton of evidence against Trump, and Trump can't produce any actual evidence to support his many (false) allegations against the Bidens.)


snytiger6 9 Oct 31

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That is his main defense. Just throw tons of shit out there, no need for any kind of proof. Then your cult spreads it around, the main media outlets pick it up without filters of factual information and the public thinks it must have some merit. He has been doing this all his life. Just now on a bigger stage!


45 is a criminal. Did anyone listen to Scarface rant in his cell? Well, there you go.

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