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What are you for? A better question, what does it matter what anyone is for or what any politician or political party is for?

I see a homeless person. They are tired, hungry, beaten down, and damaged. I walk up to them and tell them I'm all for them being fed, lifted up, and fixed. Then I walk away.

That's what being for something is. It does absolutely nothing. In my view we first have to be about it, not for it. Then we can hold our politicians accountable for being about it, not for it once we are. Can't expect a politician to be about something we ourselves aren't about.

Rant over

FvckY0u 8 Oct 31

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I am for equality, fairness, compassion, and mercy for all of our citizens that need help, as well as fixing our infrastructure, instead of pouring most of our money into weapons and war for world empire. I am also for our governmental power being restored to our citizens, rather than it being continually held only by our corporations and the 1%. I am for everyone having a decent standard of living, good health care that is affordable, along with higher education available for free to all that desire it and have the ability to use it.I also want to see the so-called War On Drugs ended, a laughable label since for some time there has been an alt rock band named after it, showing how ironic and uncredible the whole thing is. Lastly, I want all those social benefits given to all of our citizens, with no strings attached regarding their race, religion, sexuality, etc., instead of continued culture war/Identity politics bullshit of only certain classes or groups of people being considered deserving of help or privilege, while others aren't, along with all the morality tests of who is "worthy" or not to be considered a true American.

yeah, I hear you. My point is even if a politician said exactly what you are for it means nothing. What politician does what they are actually for? Sure some throw people a few breadcrumbs every now and then but that ain't representation or governing. I don't have the solution I've just got a rant.


Another thing that gets me is lets say for the sake of argument that all public offices werre occupied by Democrats and you are for Democrats. What would happen? I don't agree with that group of Dems and I agree with this group, etc. In no time at all you've got 2 or more parties of Dems. You end up with the same fucking thing we have now.

I honestly don't feel represented by either major party, as a whole, with either one, not after you get past the identity politics and culture war issues. Neither party represents me on the important issues I mentioned in my comment above. The masses will never be truly represented in our federal government until either legalized bribery is ended in our federal elections, or until a third party actually wins control of congress or the WH.

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