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LINK OAN’s Dan Ball Fumes After Another Cable Carrier Drops Network

MAGA tears. sniffle




😜 Haha! Buh-bye now.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Nov 3

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OAN, from what little information i could find at the time, when it first started, was backed strongly by one or more parties at att. att denied this, but the evidence seemed pretty clear to me and i dropped att wireless within 24 hours of finding out a few years ago.

at the end of the article you provide there is an unfortunate point which is that oan is apparently still available to a percent of homes that have old school antennas and receive a certaint type of signal.

kmaz Level 7 Nov 5, 2022

And MAGA idiots can't find a date.


To bad cable companies don't do the same to Fux..

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