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LINK Hate in America Is Rising, so Is the Number of Attacks on Workers

For Richard Ringer, a Democrat running for a seat in the Pennsylvania Statehouse, the rising tide of hate in America made it to his doorstep.

On Monday morning, Ringer said, he heard someone enter his garage. He said he sneaked up on the man, whom he didn't know, and lunged at him. During the scuffle, the intruder punched Ringer in the head about 10 times, knocking him out, Ringer said. After regaining consciousness, Ringer called the police, according to news reports.

It was the third time in two weeks Ringer had to call the police, he said. Once was after someone vandalized his garage door; the other time was after someone threw a brick through the window of his door, Ringer said. The incidents, which Ringer said he believed were related to his political work, have left him unsettled about the state of America. ...

snytiger6 9 Nov 6

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Repubs promote hate in the name of religion & don't think what effect there actions do.

There is also evidence that "open carry" is responsible for increased crime, as criminals literally openly carry guns to commit crimes. Thanks to republicans who made it all possible.

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