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LINK John Lennon's Killer Tells Parole Board There Was "Evil In My Heart"

I know I'm not supposed to say this but that never stopped me before. If this savage animal gets paroled, I hope somebody takes him out. Gangland style.

barjoe 9 Nov 7

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There is a difference between forgiveness and granting freedom. Yoko has forgiven him but won't be having him over for tea. Yes, he's safer in prison but people rarely stop trying to change where they are. Whatever they do for/to him won't bring John back so we are merely talking about the safety of others and retribution for our own grief. I'm unqualified to judge either.

Yoko is a better person than I am. I'm vindictive as hell. Never say die. I say kill.


This piece of crap has tried it all in 40 plus years. First it was 'the devil made me do it'. When that didn't work to get him released and then go on the Oprah show or whatever he changed to 'yes I knew what was doing and I'm really sorry.' Now it seems he's going back to the Devil and evil.

This weasel is like other weasels like the two Manson men mass murderers, Watson and Davis, who will do anything from jesus to tears to get parole. I have no confidence, none, zero, in the US justice system, but I just hope the politics will keep this guy in prison, as is the case with the Manson scum.

I also agree that were he released, someone might take justice into their own hands. I have felt the same about the Manson scum. I hate that Watson so much I could imagine doing him myself.

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