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Happy Veterans Day
Thanks For Your Service
Welcome Back To Jim Crow
Go To The Back Of The Bus, Boy.

HankHunter13 7 Nov 11

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most of my 5 brothers ( dad ,uncles, nieces ) are warriors-- any of
thier lives could have been saved⏳🟣
by people of color.❗ I am a veteran 😐
I am 62
Shit goes down 🕶// worrying about
silly inconsequential differences_-_don't get the job done🌈😑
Death is a great equalizer.

My Dad was in the Navy, Drafted in 1945. The War Ended While He Was In Boot Camp. But, He Served Honorably. In The South China Sea, Out Of Shanghai. He Was Injured. Others Died. Hardly Anybody Talks About The Service Members, Who Have To Clean Up After A War, Let Alone After World War 2. His Brother & Sister Served During the Korean War. I Was In The Peace Army - So To Speak - In Support Of The Peace Navy, In My Own Left Of Center Way Of Serving. As I Worked & Volunteered & Fundraised, & Volunteered, With Action Team In Training. And I Was Involved As A Volunteer Activist, In Non-Violent Direct Actions, Marches, Rallies, Fax Attacks, Letter Writing & Petition Drives, Like We Got 1 Million Signatures, And Vice President Gore Pushed The Legislation Thru, To Protect Antarctica, For 50 Years, As A World Park, And Only For Scientific Research & Expeditions & We Got The Montreal Protocols Passed, To Ban CFCs, That Began The Closing Of The Hole In The Ozone, In The Late 80's, Dolphin Safe Tuna, Ban The Burn, Stopping Dozens Of Hazardous, And Municipal, Waste Incinerators, In Our Ban The Burn Campaign. One In Which I Gave Local Activists, the Direct Phone Number & Contact Information, To The Greenpeace Chicago, Regional Toxics Campaign Director & Chicago Action Team Directors, And The Great Lakes Regional Lead Lawyer. Me And Our Cincinnati G.P. Office's Activists, Real Rainbow Warriors, Hippies & Yippies, We Caught A Toxic Train, Full Of Concentrated Hazardous Ash, Left Over, After New York City Burns It's Waste, Then Sends The Ash, To Be Landfilled In Columbus, Ohio, And Buried It In Ohio. I Was Personally Involved, Including Going Door To Door, Outside Of Dayton Ohio, Giving The Local Groups Leaders, The Information To Get Outside Help, Including An Amazing Midwest Group Called Stop It ! Who Had Stopped An Incinerator In Their Small Rural, Great Lakes, Or Ohio Valley Town. And That Campaign, Led By Local Activists,& Academics, Ended With Yellow Spring Grand Mothers, Going On A Hunger Strike In Jail. And We Exposed Am Even Worse Toxic Train In Cincinnati, Carrying The U.S. Navy's Nuclear Waste On A Train Downtown. An Obvious Terrorist Target, With Out Even Local Towns, Cites, Counties Emergency Response Made Aware Of There Travel Schedule, In Case There Was An Accident, Derailment, Or Worse. Long Before Homeland Security. I'm Not Even Sure FEMA Was Informed In Advance, In Case Of An Accident, Wreak With A Car, Whatever. Maybe 2 Years Later, When I Was Living And Working & Volunteering Out Of The West Coast Regional Office, In San Francisco, We And 5 Colorado Native American Tribes, Set Up A 3 Year Encampment, In The Mohave, Protected By The Endangered Species Act, Ironically, Not For 10's Of Millions Of People. We Stopped Them From Taking The Same Kind Of Navy, or Any Nuclear Waste, To Dump In Unlined Trenches, Even Chopped Up Reactor Core Can Be Written Off As "Low Level" Nuclear Waste, All Going Into The Same Hole In The Desert, Since They Couldn't Yet Open Yucca Mountain, Near By. Scum Bags. Fucking Killers. They Were Stopped From Putting That, Or Any Nuclear Waste, In The Ward Valley, Outside Of Needles California, Just Below Las Vegas, In The Mohave Desert, Over An Underground Water Aquifer, That Feeds Into The Colorado River, Water For 40 to 50+ Million People, Downstream. It Was A 10 Year Battle, But A Huge Nationally Important Victory. We Were Also Involved In The 10 Year Victory To Save The Last Stand Of Ancient Untouched Redwood Forests In Humboldt. We Were Also, I Was Also, Involved In All Of These Major Victories, Directly, As A Volunteer Activist, And National Canvass Trainer, And San Francisco Action Team Trainer, Among Many Others, To Win The First Ever Time, New Logging Roads Were Stopped, Before They Were Built In U.S. History, Legislatively, Thru Letters, Email, Calls, Protests, Marches, Rallies, Volunteers To Mass Arrests, Even To The Motorcade Of Popular President Bill Clinton, "And So On", For Greenpeace, For Roughly 14 Years. Circa 1989 thru 2003. The Best Years Of My Life, From Age 25 thru Age 41. But. Thank You, For Your Service, Kind Sir. Well Done. I'm Sure You Have Stories To Tell, As Well. You Should Be Proud. As I'm Sure You Are. Peace, Brother. Here's To Victory. Cheers

@HankHunter13 ,,,,yeah Salaud
To understand what countries
are capable of doing & bend that might toward peace- that's heroism☆.
My hat is off to your acomplishments.
Peacetime & war time are different
environments to serve. 🌇 Reading books about these last 6 wars♤ we are playing with the notion that war makes geopolitics better-
and as YOU stated 🌐picking up the pieces and trying to patch things back together IS
War is not a solution to anything....
We can & quite possibly DESTROY OURSELVES^^^^ in my humble opinion a terrible legacy/ and result to those before and after us.VERY PROUD to call u BROTHER
because like many before u demonstrate wisdom that is NEEDED in the future of

@BBJong hugs and fist bumps. we can still end fossil fuel dependence, in 20-30 years. i love greta leading now, jane fonda got greenpeace involved with thunberg, and fridays for future. the women. all voting. the young people, so inspired by bernie, and talking about socialism, voted in record numbers, too. i just wish they don't get used by secret russian or chinese spys, and bad actors, like i was under bush jr, in and around the s.f. g.p. office. some fucking fbi or cia and or corporate captains kids, working as spies. tryin to take thing, or individuals to cross the line, form non=violent direct action, to monkey wrenching, and worse, like setting car dealers fleet of suv's on fire. was it who ? not even earht first. who we're some of those creepy obvious rich kids, asking people whats the worse thing you ever did, in a matter of weeks, in the canvass, and young college kids, that wish we could crack skulls, etc. . they should get into democratic socialism, and that they should not claim to believe capitalism is to blame. they need to speak about what a true free market economy, which we've never had, anywhere, ever before. to not take the bait, and fight on their terms, with their words. that's a losing strategy. they need to lead the fight for a true free market, wiht the words like democratic socialism, or just not corporate fascism, what is oligarchy, to joe six pack. which is what it is. 6 of 9 on the supreme court, corporate christians, the epa, endangered species, clean air, clean water. a green new deal. jobs jobs jobs. in the mid-west ohio valley, and great lakes, states. green technology, green manufacturing, union jobs, green transportation etc. and, learn to celebrate victories g.p. could not. they just jumped to the next of 120 campaigns, and on and on. hemp toilet paper, would be a nice start. practical, less emotional, but not smart cooler verbiage, the street, the working class, the lower middle, and middle middle, not the 10% working for the man, war, weapons, guns, bobs, nukes, etc. the science, first. the math. the plan. the goals. avoid as many more tipping points as possible. liberate africa from colonialism, grow pot, hash, hemp, hemp oil cars and motorcycles. etc. first in all of america, and the americas. mexico. canada. touism. etc. things like that. watching football today, and all day tomorrow. but no im gonna burn my last bowl, for now. celebrate. VICTORY in the Senate. House, soon. right ? right on. back pat hugs, fist bumps, and hi fives. love love nothin but love. cheers. catch ya, here soon. smoke em if you got em. nite man

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