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The following post will not be for any of those who are sensitive to any sort of criticism against their personal beliefs/preferred political parties, and what they would wish to be true.

You know how useless thoughts and prayers are? If you live in reality, then you're already aware of how useless and pointless prayer is. You know what else is equally useless to prayers? Redundant laws, that's what.

I'm tired of being polite over this issue, as it's not getting me anywhere, and times like this remind me of the fact that I am surrounded by morons on both sides of the political spectrum who continually propose terrible ideas in an effort to solve the problems we face in society, and then we wonder why nothing ever seems to change for the better?

On the one side I'm faced with delusional fanatics who actually believe their prayers will magically make everything better, and on the other side I'm faced with equally delusional fanatics who actually believe more redundant laws will magically make all of the bad and criminal-minded people out there reasonable and law-abiding. Until if and when the day comes that society as a whole makes the move to address the direct problems (like mental illness, problems with violent gangs, and those suffering from varying addictions) instead of merely putting a bandage on said problems (aka, prayers and pointless laws), absolutely nothing in our society will change for the better.

So keep believing that prayers will magically protect everyone, and keep believing that more useless laws of the same will make any measure of difference, and in the meantime the rest of us out there who acknowledge reality for what it truly is instead of how we'd wish things to be will be thinking of viable solutions to the problems we all face, solutions that would address serious problems like failing public school systems and dealing with violent gangs etc.

It's time for the two political extremes to stop giving themselves pats on the back by promoting their own delusional fantasies that of which they honestly believe is doing something meaningful in society, as all that's doing is fanning the flames of division and resentment, meanwhile fellow citizens continue to suffer and die.

Again, I'm to a point now where I don't care who may be offended by what I said above, because that's exactly what more of my fellow Americans need to hear, and maybe just maybe more will embrace reality for what it is and help make a move to directly address all of our collective dilemmas. I'm cautiously optimistic on that much though, knowing full well a good number of my fellow human being's inclinations towards stubborness and that tribalist mentality. You can keep your thoughts & prayers and redundant laws, I'll take realisitic solutions to problems any day over mere fantasies and or delusions of grandeur.

SpikeTalon 9 Nov 27

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@SpikeTalon, IMO your post seems directed at clearing your own mind of clutter that’s held in place by stubborness or tribalist mentality. I hope you succeed.

If by that you mean venting a bit of frustration, then yes, that played a part in this post. And also to point out that neither political extreme is serious about coming up with any viable longterm solutions to the problems we all face in society, let alone actually taking action to remedy things.

Why did you edit your comment? My previous reply was based on your initial comment, which said nothing about tribalism and stubborness. What tribalism exactly? I don't care for any of those political/social factions, and feel that I don't fit in with any of them at that. If by stubborness you meant having the continued drive to want to do something to remedy the problems plaguing our society, then yeah reckon I am a bit stubborn on that, because giving up at this point is no option.

@SpikeTalon Not venting; projecting. I edited to change “Spike” to your screen name.

@yvilletom Not projecting, just an honest observation was all.


Dems especially like to pass new laws without any enforcement mechanisms, either for the new ones, or for the previous several tons of laws they've already passed.
And NEITHER party is interested, not even slightly, in taking old, antique, irrelevant, useless laws off the books

twill Level 7 Nov 27, 2022

For sure, and both Parties make me sick.

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